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Accelerate Progress in Every Part of The World

John Ross Global (JRG) is the product of a sui generis mind whose founding philosophy was born at the top of Palatine Hill, within the walls of JR Howard Hall. This is where, two students who then grew to become brothers, discovered a shared interest in issues that connect the world and pledged to work together one day towards that aim. Inspired by the comprehensive base of study offered by the Lewis & Clark College Department of International Affairs, they both developed the required symbiosis of intellect, critical thinking, and hard work to produce John-Ross Global; a Company with a unique global mindset that generates new prolific markets and create revolutionary development opportunities.


JRG Personifies Progress

JRG’s innovative blueprint was designed with a bright eye towards the future because all our undertakings are meant to produce tangible results. Our exclusive list of U.S. company partners are provided with specialized insights into the business, economic, cultural, and political conditions needed to achieve success in new and unfamiliar markets, while our targeted parts of the globe benefit from the spread of American technology and know-how that improve the way of life on a broad scale.

Our work

Connecting forward-thinking American industry leaders to the rest of the globe

THE Details

JRG furthers strategic partnerships between U.S. suppliers and local government institutions, businesses, & non-governmental organizations worldwide. Our philosophy rests upon being the sine qua non link that connects both sides, to create, develop, and pursue profitable business ventures that might otherwise go unrealized. We thus generate a flow of exchanges that triggers alternative sources of revenues on one side and increase access to modern and robust pro-growth technologies on the other.

Connect With Us

430 Fifth Street,

Suite C

Lake Oswego, OR 97034


JRG Offices
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